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Business Service Plans


Dedicated Social Media Manager

Custom Content Curation

Social Media (Up to 3 Social Media Platforms)

Customer Interaction

Gain Followers

Custom Graphic Design

Spam Account Filter

Monthly Progress Report

Every month
Social Media
Social Media
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All Social Media Package Perks

Google MyBusiness Optimization


Advertisement Campaign Management


Email Marketing

Every month
Online Brand
Online Brand
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All Online Brand Package Perks

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Professional Photography (Aerial included)

Every month
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Specialized content and creation

Custom collaboration with REVLABs marketing team of professionals

Intensive website audit reporting to feature the absolute best solution to your company’s SEO

Advanced brand and company culture marketing strategy with in-person comprehensive blog content curation

Enhanced support, priority contact, talk with our top marketing professionals, analysts, business development professionals, and bloggers

Every month
Custom Pricing

Social Media Management

Increase brand awareness, customer relationships, and maximize ROI through Social Media Management!

Local Advertising

Draw in local customers to your business through physical / digital location specific marketing!

Search Engine Optimization

Let your customers find you on the first page of Google!

Website Management

A good website represents your business in the right light!

PPC Advertising

Effectively reach the right audience immediately through online Pay-Per-Click advertising!

Email Marketing

Continue to connect with customers and make repeat sales!

Marketing Services

Our team is focused on providing small businesses effective/affordable Marketing Services. We begin by getting to know your business and map out the goal of your advertising campaign. REVLAB's experienced account managers control and monitor the online marketing process from start to finish. We provide our clients an affordable solutions for...

Bundle your marketing needs into a package...

Social Media Management




Promotional Marketing


Content Creation

Mobile Application Development


Commercial Production

Advertisement Management

According to research, the average consumer will only spend 8 seconds of their attention on a single subject. Our project managers know how to effectively use that time to make a lasting impact on your desired audience. The goal of our team is to provide our clients with a better way to manage their business's online/social presence. 


REVLAB Technology LLC utilizes a variety of technologies in order to provide our clients with the most effective marketing solution. Anyone can market their own company by taking out an Online Advertisement, but without prior experience and knowledge of how things work, they will most likely end up spending thousands of dollars a year for extremely little ROI (Return on Investment). By choosing REVLAB Technology LLC to run your marketing, you will be able to see quicker results while on a smaller budget.

Our Mission Statement

" REVLAB Technology LLC, strives to provide our clients with a solution that will lower their operational costs and bring a greater ROI "

When marketing your brand to the general public, advertising is not the only way you can achieve a high ROI. Having an effective SEO and Website/Mobile App design is another way you can draw in new customers and keep old ones coming back. To start off, effective SEO can be a cheap alternative to running ads. With this, you will be easily searchable through search engines such as Google or Bing. The SEO of your website is probably the most important part in terms of bringing in a profit for your business. If your SEO is bad, no one can find you online. If that's the case, then you're better off not having a website altogether! Our team has experience managing SEO for websites of small businesses. We've seen the results of an SEO overhaul from our previous projects and we are proud to see our clients showing up on Google/Bing now.

Website Management

Website Design is a very important aspect of a business online presence. In general, people will hear about your business from either a search engine result, an advertisement, or from word of mouth. Nowadays, once someone hears of your business, this possible customer will try looking at your website in order to see the first impression you give off.

Website Creation

SEO Improvement

Database Management

User Interface Design

Don't lose customers just because your website doesn't display your brand in its true form. Our team has experience with both building websites from scratch that fit our client's brand or redesigning an existing website to bring it up to current standards. Our website management service can include solutions such as...

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