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  • How can I find out whether my location has a worker safety panic button mandate?
    It can be tricky doing the research yourself so we've created an interactive page specifically for you to use as a free tool to determine if there may be any mandates or laws in your area. Our free tool determines which States and/or Cities have current or upcoming mandates for hotels across the country. View our Live Panic Button Compliance Map
  • Coming out of a pandemic, we are having difficulty investing in our hotel to fulfill the mandates. Do you provide different payment options?"
    Yes! We know it can be extremely tough investing in a system especially during major downtime. REVLAB offers two (2) types of defered payments on Panic Button Systems: 25% initial downpayment and pay nothing for the first 90 days 25% initial downpayment and pay monthly over the course of 12 months with no interest!
  • Does the State provide any financial aid for businesses who are struggling to fulfill the mandates?
    Absolutely! States that have fully transitioned towards enforcing the panic button mandates have accoladed a financial relief budget. Florida was one of the first US State to announce a financial relief program to hotels and schools. Visit your State website to see where you stand!
  • Why do your Panic Button Systems uses smartphones rather than the traditional industry panic buttons?
    Great question! For many reasons, we've chosen to opt out of using traditional buttons for our customer's sake. We wanted to offer our clients and industry safety advocates simply the best technology we have to offer. Our pricing is extremely competitive compared to even those who only offer simple and traditional panic buttons. In addition, we still offer some of the lowest monthly service coverages costs in the industry! Having smartphone enables us to run updates seamlessly and instantaneously with no need for equipment upgrading or replacements. Another key feature of our panic button smartphone is it's able to send out alert notifications to designated contacts via text instantly. This was a widely requested feature that will send out a notification to any user on the list. As a hotel owner or manager, it is extremely important to stay informed on whats happening at your hotel. Our rugged design smarthphones are IP67 rated waterproof and come with 2+ day battery life. Battery charging cables are included and can be used to charge at any housekeeping cart or outlet.
  • How does the Panic Button System find the closest room?
    Our Panic Button System utilizes Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons in order to locate the closest room. We customize our client's BLE Beacons in order to fit their specific hotel. Once one (1) beacon is placed in each room, the Panic Button Smartphone Device is ready to find the closest room. Our application uses proprietary code that scans and filters REVLAB Beacons in order to only find the Bluetooth devices we approve. The Panic Button application constantly provides updates when the user's location changes to a new room within the property.
  • Why is a Panic Button System neccessary for my property?
    Many states / cities have mandated that system be in place to protect lone-workers from harassment while on the job. A Panic Button System cuts down the response time tremendously by providing room-based location! A Panic Button System is the best way to provide complete safety for lone-workers in any industry, especially for hotels.
  • We are unsure about what our business needs. How can we choose the best Marketing solution for our business?
    REVLAB begins work by doing an audit of your current marketing strategy and efforts. This only takes 2 or 3 days for us to research and learn about your marketing that you have in place. Once the initial audit is complete, we will suggest to you some of the Marketing Services which will be most effective for your specific use case. When work begins, REVLAB will assign a Dedicated Marketing Consultant to your account. We offer two (2) options when it comes to our Marketing Consulting... 1. Fractional CMO - Leads marketing efforts on behalf of your company. Your company's marketing department makes the changes to your strategy on a lower level while REVLAB focuses on the bigger picture. 2. Dedicated Marketing Consultant - REVLAB assigns one (1) or more individuals to your account to oversee and handle all the marketing efforts in your company. This includes creating advertisements, building your brands image, or keeping in touch with existing customers.
  • How much does it cost to outsource marketing?
    This is a very important question for any business! The effectiveness of a Marketing Agency depends on the Return On Investment (ROI) they produce. The cost of outsourcing marketing will really depend on your business size as well as the amount of work that needs to be done. This can range from a couple hundred dollars a month, all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars a month. To give you a more fine example, many of our clients utilize our services for Social Media Management for as little as $299/month! If you're a Hotel / Restaurant / Bar / etc, please visit our Hospitality Marketing Page here... Hospitality Marketing For general business marketing, please visit this page here... General Marketing
  • How long does it take to see results from SEO improvements?
    For many businesses, SEO can be a huge task to take on. Any changes to your website for the purpose of improving SEO can take months to start seeing effects. Since this is a very long process, make sure you are starting off with a strong foundation and continue working on your SEO over the long-term.
  • My hotel has been around for a long time and has steady business. What more can be done to improve upon my business?
    We've seen many hotels in the industry have a steady flow of customers. Maybe gaining new customers shouldn't be your main goal at this point. Building your brand's identity and fortifying the relationship you have with your existing customers will likely be your best bet. Some businesses feel once they've had a customer once, then that customer will likely return. In actuality, there is a ton of competition out there that your customer might choose next time instead of you. The way to address this problem is to maintain a digital relationship with your customers through Social Media and Email Marketing. Keeping your hotel in the minds of your existing customers is how you maintain a steady stream of business.
  • How would you go about bringing in new customers to my business (Hotel / Restaurant / Bar)?
    REVLAB has a ton of experience in the hospitality industry. Our team has insight into the industry and experience on what works best. Bringing in new customers really depends on your business itself. For example, when it comes to restaurants, we would suggest showing off the food people come there for. Getting your dishes out there on Social Media and growing a following will greatly improve customers likelihood of spreading the word about your business. Once a customer comes in and eats at your restaurant, they should want to come back before they even are served their food!
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